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Award Presentation

The photo is of San Joaquin County Superior Court Judge Richard Vlavianos receiving an award from the Century Council for our DUI Court Program. On December 10, 2012, The Century Council had its inaugural presentation of The Kevin E. Quinlan Awards for Excellence in Traffic Safety. A traffic safety pioneer, Kevin was the Chief of the Safety Advocacy Division of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) and was instrumental in promoting state action on NTSB recommendations to reduce fatalities, injuries, and crashes in all modes of transportation. The Century Council is an independent, national not-for-profit organization dedicated to fighting drunk driving and underage drinking.

The following list of California’s drug court practitioners has distinguished themselves over the years through their innovation and leadership. To honor their achievements, the membership of the California Association of Drug Court Professionals nominated these individuals to be inducted into the National Association of Drug Court Professionals’ The Stanley M. Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame. As a result of nationwide voting each  of these individuals has been formally inducted  into The Stanley M. Goldstein Drug Court Hall of Fame.

Judge Stephen Manley – Santa Clara County, CA – 2003

Judge John Schwartz, President, NADCP Board of Directors and Judge Karen-Freeman Wilson, Executive Director, NADCP present Tim Smith, Mental Health Systems, Inc., with his award

Tim Smith – San Bernardino County, CA – 2006

Judge Darrell Stevens, Butte County, CA – 2008

Helen Harberts

Helen Harberts, Butte County, CA  – 2013

Distinguished Leadership Awards

California Recipients of distinguished leadership awards also in the Drug Court Hall of Fame:

  • Ron George – Sacramento, CA
  • Judge Peggy Fulton Hora (ret.) – Castro Valley, CA
  • Michael Judge – Los Angeles, CA
  • Fran Jursco – San Francisco, CA
  • Judge James Milliken – San Diego, CA
  • Judge Patrick Morris – San Bernardino, CA
  • Frank Tapia – Oakland, CA
  • Judge Jeffrey Tauber – Berkeley, CA
  • Bill Vickery – San Francisco, CA

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