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The purpose of this section is to salute the participants who have succeeded in the collaborative court program and the professionals whose outstanding service has helped California establish a standard of excellence in our collaborative justice courts.  We trust you will maintain confidentiality in the materials you provide.

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A century after the Norman Conquest, King Henry II established a system of Royal Magistrate Courts to oversee the English Empire’s justice system. Judges were dispersed to every court in the land as representatives of the King. When a judge appeared in court the audience would rise in unison as if the King himself were present.

This tradition continues today. Walk into most courts in the U.S. and you’ll hear two words bellowed out by a bailiff or court officer. Two words that demand everyone in the courtroom to leap to attention. Two words that instill a sense of awe and respect and call for order: ALL RISE.

In Drug Court these two simple words have an even greater meaning. ALL RISE captures the essence of what a Drug Court does. ALL RISE describes how Drug Courts provide hope and support to those the traditional justice system says are hopeless. ALL RISEdescribes a court where addicted people receive life changing treatment and accountability; instead of indifference they are shown compassion, instead of judgment, they are given assistance, instead of punishment, they are provided a passport to recovery. ALL RISE captures the tireless dedication and commitment of a Drug Court team, relentless in the belief that by working together no case is beyond our reach.

When we hear ALL RISE, it renews our conviction to serve. It calls our attention to the countless who have proven recovery is possible. When a Drug Court graduate never sees another pair of handcuffs, we ALL RISE; When a DWI Court stops a drunk driver, we ALL RISE; When a Family Drug Court returns a clean and sober parent to their child and forever restores a broken family, we ALL RISE; When a Veterans Treatment Court gives a struggling veteran the treatment they’ve earned, we ALL RISE; and every time a Juvenile Drug Court saves a teenager from a life of drugs and crime, we ALL RISE.

Finally ALL RISE is a promise. ALL RISE promises every Drug Court participant and their family that we will look beyond the chaos and wreckage and see their humanity, value and future.

Every time an individual before the court hears these words, a promise is made to help that person recognize the good in themselves. Because in Drug Court we know that when one person rises out of drugs and crime, we ALL RISE.  National Association of Drug Court Professionals

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